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  • Khaldoon Al-Moosawi

Helping Iraqi victims who have been harmed because of their work for contractor of the US Army

A team of Lawyers for Women held a series of meetings in Erbil City with a team of American lawyers for the purpose of deliberating a group of issues of common interest.

Our legal team with a team of American lawyers in Erbil - February 2023

Since August 2022, a team from Lawyers for Women, consisting of female lawyers and paralegals, has been working in cooperation with Iraqi doctors to provide legal and medical support to Iraqi victims who have been harmed because of their work for contractor of the US Army - or to their families if the victim is deceased.

The services our legal team provides to victims are free of charge. Our team prepares the compensation case papers and pleads on behalf of the victim to the relevant authorities. Our team does not charge any fees or wages from the victims or their families. Cases take an average of one year to resolve, and compensation is guaranteed with a success rate of more than 90 percent. The value of compensation depends on the severity of the damage. The higher the psychological or physical damage, the higher the compensation. For example, a victim with PTSD may receive compensation of up to fifteen thousand US dollars. The victim receives the full amount of compensation, nothing is deducted from it.

Psychological and physical treatment, which is also free, is provided by the Iraqi Telemedicine Center, which has a team of qualified doctors who provide their services in person and remotely through video chat applications.

A picture of a group of Iraqi doctors showing the director of the Iraqi Telemedicine Center, Dr. Sarah Amer (second from the right)

Our team continues to receive new cases. For more information, you can contact us here.

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