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  • Khaldoon Al-Moosawi

Lawyers for Women hosts a round table on Iraq's Anti-Domestic Violence Law.

In January, Lawyers for Women hosted a round table on Iraq's Anti-Domestic Violence Law. This event was organized by the Humanitarian Hands of Mercy Organization, as part of the Deadlines Without Violence project, which is implemented by the Humanitarian Hands Organization in cooperation with the Resolution 1325 Network and with the support of the American non-profit feminist organization Madre. In addition to hosting the event, the Director of Women's Lawyers for Women participated in the event as a member of the committee that chaired the round table and also presented a review of the draft law to combat domestic violence. project of law. The draft of this law is put forward in Parliament for discussion, and Parliament is divided between supporters and opponents of the law.

Through such and other activities, Lawyers for Women work to mobilize public opinion in favor of passing the law in Parliament.

The following video reviews part of the proceedings of the round table:

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