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Our programs

"From the Law" is a podcast produced by the Mercy Path in cooperation with Seventh Sense for Media and Art Production. In this blog, Mercy Path President, Attorney Amani Muhammad, explains issues of concern to women in Iraq.


My Haven (Malathi) Anonymous: Self-support Groups for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Mercy Path has been working to establish Malathi Anonymous groups in Iraq, which are self-support groups for women survivors of domestic violence. Members and leaders of Malathi are all survivors of domestic violence. 

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"Who are They?" is a podcast that tells the life story and achievements of some inspirational Iraqi women. The podcast was produced by 7th Sense for Media and Art Production for Mercy Path for Women's Affairs. The production was executed at 7th Sense' CSB studio in Baghdad.

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Compensation for those affected by work in the US Army

Mercy Path work with US based law firms to obtain disability, medical, and death benefits for Iraqis who were injured or killed in the course of employment with US Army or its subcontractors in Iraq

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Reunion of separated families across borders

Mercy Path is the local partner of Mercy Hands Europe and International Social Service, working together for the purpose of reuniting separated families across borders. We also provide them with legal and psychosocial services.

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