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Lawyers for Women Center

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We know the law and we know how to make the law work for women

Women are half of society, but they get all of our attention. 

We are a group of Iraqi female lawyers who witnessed   the suffering of Iraqi women in obtaining legal services like men and the absence of women's rights, and that is why we decided to organize ourselves and be the changing force in society for the benefit of women.

Our areas of work

See how we can help women in Iraq


legal advice

years of experience

Our lawyers have long experience in the fields of law and women's rights, and they have   a long track record of successful cases. Women beneficiaries of  centre  can count on our lawyers to provide legal advice that will ensure the success of the case. When our lawyers start working on a legal case, they help the female case owners solve all outstanding issues as quickly and as fully as possible.

Legal Representation

legal representation

We know how to get your right

Let our lawyers think   for legal ways to solve your problems. Our lawyers have experience in various types of legal cases from divorce, proving parentage, inheritance, rape and assault, incest, legal qassam,  and to real estate issues, company registration, compensation, and drafting types of contracts.  

Legal aid

legal aid

What distinguishes us is a high human sense _ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Our lawyers provide free legal aid, whether it is legal advice or even legal representation, to any woman who needs it. Our center has experience providing free legal aid to women, individuals or communities. 

Mediation and conflict resolution activities

Mediation and conflict resolution

Work for peace

If possible, our female lawyers offer their female representatives the option of resolving their legal problems out of court and through mediation with other parties in dispute. At   Center for Women Lawyers for Women We believe in the criminal justice system, but at the same time we believe that there are other systems to achieve justice such as transitional justice.

Advocacy Activities

acting defense

Fighting for women's rights in Iraq is our favorite hobby 

We know that women and men are different, but we believe in the right of women to enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities, and protections as men. We harness all of our knowledge, experience, relationships, and resources to advocate for women's rights, and we do so at all levels of government and society.

"My ex-husband used to abuse and beat me constantly, but my family did not believe me when I was telling them and my friends could not do anything to help me. For a long time I felt lonely and rejected by everyone, and one day I spoke to a lawyer from the Women Lawyers Center This lawyer listened to me, believed me, empowered me, and helped me obtain my rights as an abuser.”

One of the center's beneficiaries

Contact us

The materials published on the website of the Center for Women Lawyers for Women are only information and are not in any way considered legal advice. If you have a legal issue or case, we invite you to contact us by e-mail or phone, and one of our lawyers will contact you and provide you with free legal advice. We urge you not to give us any personal information (eg name, address, ID number or nationality) unless you sign a power of attorney with one of our lawyers. We respect your privacy and your secrets are our secrets.

+964 7710178937

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