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It does not matter whether the abuser is a family member, spouse, spouse's family member, friend, or stranger.


We believe we were affected by the assault whether it happened once or several times. At My Sanctuary, we learn not to deny what happened and that the assault was not our fault. Nobody deserves to be subjected to violence.

We at "My Sanctuary" share our feelings, experiences, strengths and hope. When dealing with our pain, we may feel as if we are re-opening the wound only to discover that it never healed properly, and that it hurts. However, it is easier to participate when we have friends who stand by us and who understand the healing process and are not in a hurry.


In My Sanctuary, we learn that we are survivors, not victims. We can rest. We will never forget, but over time we can heal the feelings of shame, sadness, and self-destructive behaviors that often plague survivors. In time, if we work on the program, we will reap the rewards.

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