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  Women Lawyers for Women

Legal services for women in Iraq

Lawyers for Women Center

About the Center for Women Lawyers for Women

The first legal center for women in Iraq 

The center is one of the projects of the Human Mercy Hands Association, and thus it is affiliated with the association administratively, financially and legally. The center was opened on June 15, 2017. The center consists of a group of Iraqi women lawyers active in the field of civil and charitable society. The center has three offices, in Baghdad, Hilla, and Mosul.

The center is the first law firm in Iraq, consisting of female lawyers only, and they provide their services to women only. The Center undertakes the tasks of pleading in the courts and providing Sharia and legal advice to women in the following areas: domestic violence, assault, divorce, custody, proof of parentage, inheritance, etc. The center also provides mediation, negotiation and dispute resolution services without referring to the courts. 


Our message

We are a self-sufficient charitable law firm affiliated with Mercy Hands Association. The office consists of a group of female lawyers who work together to achieve gender equality in Iraq by providing legal services for women and defending women's rights in Iraq.

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