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About Us

Because Women Rights are Human Rights

In June 15, 2017, Mercy Hands launched "Lawyers for Women Center" initiative. L4W provides free protection services to women in need and aims to achieve gender equality. The center is composed by a group of Iraqi female lawyers with a large amount of experience in representing Women’s Rights across Iraq.

Currently, the center has three offices, in Baghdad, Basra, and Mosul. Services include: legal representation and consultations, psychosocial support and rehabilitation, empowerment, advocacy, and mediation and reconciliation.

The center is considered the first law firm in Iraq that is formed of only women and it provides its services to only women and girls. The lawyers are experienced in divorce cases, separation, alimony, inheritance, domestic violence, rape, child molestation and abuse, and others. 

In addition to the lawyers, a group of experienced social workers (all females) work in the center. These socials workers provide psychosocial support and rehabilitation to the center’s clients.

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We envision Iraq where all women and girls have endless opportunities to realize and achieve their potential.


We are a charity self sustaining law center which is formed of women lawyers and psychosocial professionals who work together to achieve gender equality in Iraq by providing protection services to women, empowering them, and advocating for women rights.


Amani Mohamad

Ms. Amani Mohamad is a Co-founder and Executive Director of Lawyers for Women. She is an Iraqi lawyer licensed by the Iraqi Bar Association. She holds a bachelor degree in law from Al Nahrain University - College of Law in 2013. Ms. Amani joined the humanitarian effort in Iraq right after graduation from law college. She is a civil society activist and a strong advocate of women rights in Iraq.

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Duaa Falah

Ms. Duaa Falah is a Co-founder and General Administrator of Lawyers for Women. She holds a bachelor degree in computer sciences from Dijla University in 2017. She joined the humanitarian effort in Iraq in 2014. She has an extensive experience in administration, marketing, public relations, and communication. She is also a certified ToT Trainer. 

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